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We are a family owned business located in the quaint small town of Independence, Iowa, Distinctions is a shiny jewel in the pastoral countryside. More than just a place to shop for fabulous furniture, accessories and other design temptations, Distinctions' combination of impeccable service, finely curated line of products and comfortable atmosphere make for a design oasis.


Like a shark's fin cutting through the water your modern ways make quite an impact where ever you go. And do we have a design fix for you – clean lines and polished, uncomplicated patterns that communicate intelligent style in a most efficient way. After all, being modern is about making a statement – simply.


Wickedly smooth with an air of confidence that leaves others envious you always seem to know exactly what you want. And we're confident you will simply love the variety of fabrics, textures and shapes we have in store for you. The juxtaposition of the organic with the geometric creates a motif of affordable luxury that will make people talk – in a good way.


Fabulous is as fabulous does. And you are definitely fabulous. We can tell. So why not let them know it with some finely tailored leather, sparkly glass and deeply colored wood. Oh, and how about we throw in some metallic accents, just to bling things up a bit. Why not? You're fabulous, remember?


What's life without a little cheeky flair? Boring we say! So, how about amping up the happy with a little coloring outside of the lines. Big bold patterns, relaxed shapes and lots of pillows add up to a not-so-serious and playful sense of style. Life is short, so have fun!
{If your style is more towards the primitive or transitional side, you will feel right at home in our 'sister store', Little Red Schoolhouse, which is connected and located right next door to us! We have the best of both worlds, right at your fingertips!}